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Quickbooks Accounting Software

Activate and utilize Quickbooks functionalities for project accounting, financial reports, receivables/payables management, bank account syncing, and more.

Odoo Business Software

Implement and configure Odoo business apps for project and task management, accounting localization, database configurations, and ecommerce.

Basic Option

Design templates and processes using freely available digital office tools.

Business Software Solutions

Revolutionize Your Business with Dashboard Solutions

Implement business software solutions that helps optimize your workflows to save time and work more efficiently

Integrate and finetune your business needs using information systems

Odoo partners based in Egypt

Accounting systems and compliance experts

Want to boost productivity, efficiency and profits? We help our clients digitize and optimize their daily tasks and manage their business using cloud based business software. Our scope covers all your business needs, such as project management software, e-commerce, hr, website and marketing, but we have a very strong focus on accounting and financial reporting for managerial and tax reporting. Our solutions are aimed for companies struggling with data chaos and endless manual processes, to help them focus on what they do best, proceeding value to their customers.

Discover the key to elevating your business's productivity, efficiency, and profits. At Dashboard Solutions, we specialize in digitizing and optimizing daily tasks, offering comprehensive cloud-based business software solutions. While we cover various business needs like project management, e-commerce, HR, website, and marketing, our forte lies in revolutionizing accounting and financial reporting.

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